Marriage And Covenant

Marriage DayA covenant is an agreement between two parties or more. In the case of marriage, it is an agreement between the Bridegroom, Groom and the Almighty God, coördinated by His ministers.  We see in the Bible that marriage between man and woman is ordained by God and viewed by him as a sacred covenant.  By the Scriptures, is a solemn and binding relationship which is meant to last a life time

God has created us and want nothing for us than happiness and fulfilment. That is, multiplication, gratification and that we follow His laid down rules. Marriage is set to be between 2 couples which are male and female. One of the major and alarming problems in the lives of most families is broken marriage. Marriage was instituted by the Almighty Father. Whoever enters into a marriage without respect for the founder of the institution (marriage) faces problem. Many see marriage as what they can just hop into and whenever it is not smooth, they jump out again and continue like that until they find what pleases them. Marriage, to the majority of people, is something simply done out of convenience without a sense of obligation and responsibility before God. This people divorce in convenience, because they get married only with their selfish attitude for if it does not work out they bring in divorce. To some people, it is legal to marry person with the same sex. A ‘’Taboo’’.

Because of the self interests of some people, quickly forget the promise made during the wedlock. That day is a powerful day where a covenant is been made in the presence of the Most High. Though God is a spirit who He might not be seen physically, but remember that before questions are been asked, both couples are holding in their hands, the Holy Bible which represents Him. After the covenant is made, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, it is sealed by the response from both of the couples and the congregation, Amen. This time, you are living a different life. No divorce, no adultery and no more irresponsibility.

God is against divorce. (Malachi 2:16). So your first step is very crucial. Be sure that who you are taking to the altar is who you can live the rest of your live with. Remember, no divorce. Be sure he/she is the right one. Remember, no adultery. Marriage is made permanently God that is why God always fulfil His part leaving us to fulfil ours too.

This is where the importance of first step comes in. Everyone has his/her own taste of marriage but how will be sure she is not pretending to love you. But if you allow god to intervene before taking the step, you will surely get the bone of your bone like Eve to Adam. God only operates upon truth. Therefore, if it appears God is not doing His part in our life it is because we are not fulfilling our part of the covenant


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