You Are The Giant, Not Your Problems!

TRIZ process for creative problem solving

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Avery problem in man’s life is a giant. A giant can be a failure in your business, in your career; it can be a demotion, sack from work, can be a delay in marital issues and so on. A giant is simply something that is higher than you in size, potential and strength. If it is not in your favour, then it becomes a problem and in other words, a giant. But you should realise that it is not a giant until you accept it to be one. It becomes a ‘giant’ problem when you believe that there are no more way out, also, it becomes a problem the moment you decide not to find a solution from anywhere and decide to keep it to yourself.

You can subdue your problems the moment you believe they are not problems. Note that having difficult times are not the problem but inability to think in the positive direction to tackle it is the major problem. The positive thought one has towards a problem solving is already a 50% solution to the problem.

All giants can be conquered if you believe and ready to apply the right techniques. When there is a tough time giving problems, you will need to consult the experts in that perspective. I discovered that many people have concluded to remain where they are probably as a result of frustration. They have seen their problems as giants they cannot overcome even if confronted. Every obstacle in life that seems to be the giant ‘Goliath’ needs to be uprooted technically. All the problems in life are giants but become solvable when treated accordingly.

Problems are learning points provided you do not define it to be. The only problem that is beyond control is that, that takes one’s life. Problems make one stronger and wiser. There is a hidden treasure in most problems. Most problems are solvable; up to 98% is solvable. When working towards success, planning is paramount so is problem solving.

Problems can be solved in the following ways:

  Do not blame: Stop blaming whatever may be the cause; people, circumstances, events or situation. Take full charge of the responsibility. Accepting full responsibility is the main sign of solving a problem.

Define your problem: Get the facts, state them in simple words to make the situation clearer. Evaluate the possible solutions

Calm: Calm down to analyse and brainstorm. Do not be too in haste to the problem solving in order to avoid a mistake which could worsen the situation.

Think of other situations: Think of the worst situation that the solution could entail. Be aware of it to accept the worst. This will calm you in case there are unpleasant situation that could go with the solutions. David, in the bible, was aware of death as the worst situation if he had to save his people from the Goliath, the giant. So it made him more prepared to face Goliath who he eventually subdued.

Seek Advice: Never keep problems to yourself. Seek advice where necessary, it may be medical, spiritual or financial counselling. Do not wait until the situation becomes unsolvable or escalated.

Apply the best solution: Use the best solution to approach your problems, even if it is not getting it right at the first time but make sure you get it going if the goal is clear. Spend more time on the solution and not on the problem. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, you’re stuck because you’re doing the same things over and over again in that same spot. If you really need a change, just challenge yourself to do one thing differently from before.

Let God take control of your problems: God has the absolute power to get problems solved. He will give you Divine knowledge, understanding and wisdom to solve the problems.

v  Problems in Solutions: You must be aware that there are problems in finding solutions to problems. Make sure that the end result is your target, let your focus be on what you want to achieve and not irrelevant things. Think of the solutions always and persevere until it is solved. You will realise that you are a ‘GIANT’.

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