Have a Positive Effect This New Year

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 Let us Affect Others This Season

What does Christmas season mean to you. Is it a season to be happy, sing and do a lot of other things within your family and those who has affect your life positively alone?  Everyone knows that it is a season to love, enjoy with colleagues. A season to look back and measure our achievement. A season to say ‘thank you’ to those who support us spiritually, physically, financially and a season to appreciate people after appreciating God first.

A season to settle a long time conflict. We all know that it takes just few seconds to hurt people, but in most cases it takes us so long to say sorry. Let us seize the advantage of this festive season and say sorry to all we have offended or to those who are even wrong but still claiming they are right, let us settle the dispute and live together as one family in the Lord.

Let us voluntarily give. This is the season when people buy all sort of gift for their loved ones, either to appreciate the impact of the person in his life or to show love to him, reminding him of their existing relationships.

Let us say good things to one another.  This is a season when different quotes are sent across to loved ones. It could be inspirational, encouraging or appreciation.

This is a season slated for rejoicing and the celebration of success among companies, colleagues, organisations, families, co-workers and among others.

It is also a season when you write poems and share it among your loved ones.

Among all, something is missing. Yes, it is divine love. The love that is shared beyond those you know. This love is the supreme love. If there is real love, all others are associated with it. As we celebrate the season, we should use the opportunity to remember and embrace some people who are not that fortunate to rejoice the same way we are rejoicing. Some wish they could but were cheated by nature, some by fallen victims of the society and many other reason which have prevented many from rejoicing together with others.

We should always remember to show love to the disables, the motherless children, the widows, the sick, the prisoners and others that fall in this categories. Let us visit them, share with them all we have; prayers, material things, financial aspect, words of encouragements. Spend some time with them, as this will give them hope, joy, life and more importantly make them feel like other normal human being. This is the best we can do this season that has great impact on others.

Will you do something to make someone happy this season?

Complement of the season!!


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