Job Jnterview And a Thank You Letter

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In this highly competitive job market, job seekers accept anything that will make them the best either moral or not. In some country like USA, they make use of ‘thank you letter’, this is used, according to the thought of the interviewees, to let the employer know why he is the right person for the job and to seize the opportunity and say what he was unable to mention during the interview hour. But let me tell you that, if you are unable to prove yourself to be the right [person for the job by performing outstandingly, there is no amount of thank you letter can grant you access to the seat. You must make sure you put in your best to uniquely special and stand out. There is no magic the thank you letter can perform after the poor performance of a candidate during an interview. Failure to be outstanding means you lose the opportunity to a better competitor that has handled the interview process better.

You as an interview candidate must know that standing out in an interview gets you the job. Knowing that many have better experience than you do, but this does not mean that you cannot beat this person with better experience(field experience) in the interview process, Provided you prepare well, answering the logical questions he finds difficult, better. There is another thing you must also take as serious as the interview itself, this is your resume, that grants you access to the interview seat.

Achieving your dream jobs does not have anything to do with uncountable interview materials/manuals but taking instruction in them (good ones) seriously and consulting the right channel. The interview attended is only a gateway to a dream job but the ticket to the office is your outstanding performance. Prepare for job interview questions and their answering techniques. You must expect questions that are not relevant or that you have no idea of, and failure to answer this question telling him what he wants to hear in an embarrassment to you. Try to research as much as possible to know all there is to know. There are out there thousands of websites and books that can put you through and guide you to your career success.

The main key to grab the job is to answer the questions better than anyone else and some things are associated with this main key, which are;

Look forward to most likely questions:

Research and develop outstanding answers:

Practice them:

Apply them where they are well fit in:

Be confident while applying them.

Before I stop, let me remind you that depending on ‘’Thank You Letters are not helpful if you do not prepare to blast the interview process.

Please, feel free to comment, make corrections if necessary and share the article.

Thank you!


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