The End Time

What is end time? According to the Holy Bible, end time is the time when the Lord Jesus Christ will come to take his own people home. Who are His people and where is the home? His people are those who abide by his commandments and stand firm when tribulation and a lot of problems and forking by family and friends. Those who fuel their lamps and still keep extra with them while waiting for the bride groom Matt 25:1-13. The home is the heaven where He has prepared for those who has done according to His will. This is the promise he has made before he was taken up.

end time - RPC 2010

Image by Zanthia via FlicDo you ever believe that the end time is already at hand; do you even agree there is something called end time? My brothers and my sisters, this is the end time. The Bible point it out to us that when the end time is around the corner, many things will be happening; false prophets, sign of wars, famine, tribulations, earthquake and wide spread of the gospel and many more Matt 24:5-14. Among these, which one is yet to happen? We have heard of war of various kind, false prophets, earth quakes and tsunamis all over the world. Immorality is now at its peak. The truth is that the end is at hand

Jesus will come before anti-Christ will comes. Are you ready to go with Christ before the arrival of anti Christ? It is better to be rapture before the arrival of the wicked one, which will torture the remaining people on earth for 1000 years. Who can endure his legs roasted for 10 minutes? The torture at that period is a must to endure but the pain is more than what a man with flesh can endure. Besides, that is nothing to what the rejected souls (people without Christ) will go through in hell.

Everybody wants to be great. It is good but in a way of the lord.  Let us remember that whatever we become on earth will end in this earth. What will be the profit of a man who own the whole wealth and lost his soul to eternal hell? Do not compromise heaven with anything.

We have two classes of Christians; those that live as if the end time is here and those that live as if the end time will never come. No man knows when Jesus will come but, but what about if death comes today and visit you, where will you land, where will your soul spend his eternity? Live as if the end is today. Remember that if Jesus does not come to you He will call you. If He calls you today, what will be your response? Will a female student offering his body to lecturers for admission purpose tell Him that she wants to school first. What will be your own response?  If Jesus comes, it is better to rapture and if He calls it is better your soul is happy and rest by the right hand of the Lord. I repeat it again, it is better to rapture than to suffer under the administration of Satan after rapture.

If you are not righteous you are in darkness. You are not a righteous because of your huge donation in the church, it is not because you are a pastor or ……. . If you are not righteous the door of heaven will be shut against you.

Stand firm in the Lord, read His words in the Bible, pray for His wisdom. It takes the wisdom from above to survive this world of today. Let your live glow to show the glory of God. The devil distracts and wants man to rebel against God. Pray and fast, run for sins and reject temptation for every man has the ability to overcome sins. God has not created us to end up in hell, but we decide where to go; heaven or hell. Man need wisdom to understand time, the devil uses everything to distract us including media. But it is wisdom that man applies to be able to survive this time and do the right thing. The wise five filled their lamp with oil and still apply wisdom that if He, the bridegroom does not come on time, we will be able to add more oil to our lamps. That is wisdom.

Let us do the right thing to inherit our own portion in heaven. These worldly things may be physically interesting but if we do not apply wisdom to leave the bad ones and stick to the good ones, we will end up in hell.

May god bless you!

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2 thoughts on “The End Time

  1. Yes! How did you figure this stuff out? Religion did not teach you these things, they can only be learned by digging into the character of the Holy one himself.
    This day I speak words of life over you in Jesus name. Yours is a candle that will burn brighter each day, as you develop even further in the things of God. God has called you.
    Peter stood on the day of Pentecost and told those mocking what the Holy Spirit was doing, THIS IS THAT WHICH WAS PROPHESIED BY THE PROPHET JOEL. “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh” and you shall prophesy. Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophesy. Father, I ask that you open my brothers eyes and heart to what you are having him move into. Make the way straight, and the path suddenly clear. Do what the Spirit tells you, and be fearless. That day is upon us. I see it in my spirit, as I know you do too.

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