Fix it on time. Stop Blaming.

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The solution to a problem starts with the first step taken towards solving it. Most will instead of working towards the solution, start blaming people, making noise and all sorts of things that has no positive effect to the problem in any way. Problems are bound to happen but are not meant to stay if you are wise enough to tackle it instead of blaming people, to those who take the right step solving them. Any problem, be it big or small, wants to stay and remains but we, the giant should not allow it stay. Blaming as the first step has nothing to do with the solution; it solves zero percentage of the problem, it only deteriorates it. Most spend more time on finding the person that caused it while the problem has not been attended to. For instance, a man who was knocked down by a car was left unattended to and instead, they were looking for lighter, petrol and weapons to burn down the car and kill people in revenge of what happen. All this took more than an hour left the victim where he was lying, and after an hour, somebody that just got there called their attention to the victim who was still breathing. They quickly rushed him to the hospital, because of the congested traffic at that hour; it took them another fifteen minutes to get to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, the Doctor told them that the blood the victim has lost was too much and that the internal bleeding that should have been controlled before now has resulted in something beyond medical control. And ten minutes later the victim gave up. Let us do some additions and subtractions here. The man was hit by a vehicle which happened within a minute; nobody was ready to check if he can still survive it or not but instead spent over sixty minutes looking for revenge which is the blame apportioning. Then somebody that came after sixty minute did not try to apportion blame but took the first right step which they should have taken for the past sixty minutes. Now the calculation, 60mins was wasted for searching for what will worsen the situation, 15mins for taking him to the hospital and 10mins was spent in the hospital. If the solution was the first priority, it would have taking them just 15mins to save his life. 60+15+10=85 and 85-15=70min. 75min was spent doing nothing useful. Nothing was fixed, if the first active fifteen has been directed to the revival of the victim, it might have been an invaluable effort. This issue of accident was picked as an example as it is more physical. Many related problems happen in the work places, and within the family, within the government cabinets and all organisations. Let us fix the problems by doing what we are supposed to do in time. Let us face the problems by applying the right techniques channelled to the right direction at the right time. In an organisation, it is sometimes important to ask question from the person suspected to be the cause, but this should come after the problem is solved. And when these questions are asked, it should be used as a point of lesson for everyone to learn from in order to prevent further and future occurrence. Let us learn how to tackle our problems; research, ask question from the right channels, consult experts and through other sources. As this will make us a giant to overcome our problems.

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2 thoughts on “Fix it on time. Stop Blaming.

  1. Obviously, there are occasions when identifying the source of an error or negligence is relevant. However, rather than who to blame, consider a question like “what is to blame?”

    For instance, my girlfriend turned the heater to 75 degrees and complained to me that it was not working. I asked “did you close the fireplace so that the warm air would not go out the chimney?” She said, “whoops!”

    I simply turned down the thermostat and closed the fireplace opening. However, sometimes a punishment or at least a scolding COULD BE relevant.

    See more:

  2. Thank you. Asking question that has to do with the solution is part of the solution to the problems. But looking for whom to blame while leaving the problem unsolved deteriorates it.

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