Fulfill Your Purpose on Earth

Question Mark

Image by auntiepauline via Flickr

Every man’s target is to become somebody in life. You listing to counseling before you choose your career in life from your parents, your secondary school teachers, those that are above you in academics. You also think about it, based on your area of interest and the subjects you are good at also contribute. During your study in higher institution, a lot of ‘night candles’ are burnt when others are sleeping and snoring, just to come out with an outstanding result.

After passing out with desired result, one of your aims in life is achieved. What next? An excellent result requires a well paid job. Another aim achieved. Good money to the pocket! Then many things money can buy come to your thought. You want to buy one of the most recent cars, build a good house and make yourself comfortable. Now your dream is coming to pass. Isn’t it?

Now, you are financially buoyant, comfortable and ready to carry responsibilities. So you think of how to raise children, this is when wife comes in. You have prayed to have a good house wife and God has made it possible. Your children are doing great at school, winning awards, scholarships and among others. They become a respectable people in the society after their education.

You have worked towards your dream and achieved it as desired. You have lived as a good parent and as a good example to upcoming fathers to be. But the question is, have you fulfilled your purpose on this earth? Obviously, you have worked hard, had a good job, married a good wife and have raised good children and everything is flourishing. But is that the major reason you are created or born to this world? I am sure if this question is asked in the public, most answers will not deviate from all that have been mentioned above. After all you have acquired what is the next thing, to sit back and enjoy your life or what?

Before I start talking about the previously asked questions, let me asked you this question again. Do we live to eat or we eat to live. If your answer is ‘live to eat’ then your answer to the question, ‘what is the next thing’ will be the same as that above, ‘sit back and enjoy your life.’ I am not saying that whoever works hard should not eat the fruit of his labour. But you should ask yourself, ‘what am I born to do in life apart from working and making it in life. Let me make something clear to you. There is difference between your purpose on earth and your dream in life. For you to fulfill your purpose on earth, you must pursue your dream, because a dream fulfilled is one of the equipments needed to fulfill your purpose on earth.

Before we continue, I want us to know that time or period spent for purpose fulfilling on earth for individual differs. Some people spend a very long time while some spend a very short time. This is like a race in sports. Race is of different lengths; 100metres, 200metres, 400metres, 800metres, marathon and so on. All the athletes are running to win a trophy, but who so ever work hard without relenting will win the trophy, and there is no reward for a time wasted. One cannot sit idle and ask God to bless you, while sleeping.

A life spent without a purpose achieved is a wasted life. It is better to live for just fifty years and fulfil a purpose than to live for twenty decades without achieving a purpose on earth. Someone who achieved his dream has acquired an equipment to start working out his purpose. We must have it in mind that the jobs we had, which provided all the wealth in our possessions were founded by some people who have spent their time, sacrificed their sleeping hours, leisure time and all other time they are supposed to spend with their friends and families for the public. Some may say, they are working for their money. Yes they may seem working for themselves but you should remember that millions are still working and making it from the same source. Remember also that whoever wants to work for himself only, will not transfer the knowledge to others. Somebody took his time to discover and invent the internet, machineries for production and for many other things, vehicles, networking and many more. If these people have thought only about themselves and families only, a car manufacturer will only manufacture the ones needed by their family members, computer manufacturers, and every of the inventors will do the same thing and will never pass the knowledge across to others. All the inventors and investors have worked, achieved their dreams to get the right weapons to pursue their purpose on earth.

To achieve purpose is not only by manufacturing or investing. It could be by giving hope to those that are hopeless, helping those that are helpless, be the parent of the orphans, to counsel those that are deviating and many others. Another great thing which people are not really taking as serious as others is the preaching of the gospel. The purpose of some people on earth is to preach the gospel.

Try to fulfil your purpose today so that you will not be found guilty at the end.


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