6 MAJOR Reasons You didn’t Get The Job

“What the…why….” – that kind of goes through our head when we sit there staring at the screen with yet another rejection e-mail from that job you thought you’d have been perfect for. The interview went awesome – there was a definite vibe going on…so then what gives? Why do you keep receiving the
same generic “too many applicants – good luck for the future” mail of doom?!

Sometimes if you’re really lucky you may get some form of direction in the e-mail or phone call. However, even these are fairly cryptic and run along the lines of them “finding someone with more experience” or “you did great but we were just looking for something a little different”. Definitely not the most helpful ideas when it’s time to do some prep work for the next interview.

So here we’ve put together 6 reasons on why you didn’t land a job that seemed like a sure thing. Sure, no employer will ever really admit to these officially but sadly it happens more often than you’d think. If you suspect it’s why you find yourself still poring over job postings, keep on looking for a place that values you for you.

We did not like you 
People are different and teams that have been together have learned to function in a particular way. Likeability isn’t something that comes across on a CV and to truly find out if you’re a good fit for an organisation – the face to face meet up has to be done.

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