Will you find the right mix of satisfying work, great projects and exciting challenges at Microsoft? Do you have the drive and determination to help us succeed? That’s what our interview process is designed to find out. •Be ready to discuss your strengths, expertise and any experience that appears on your resume. •Review what you know, such as the job description. Look online for websites, blogs and other online communities related to the group or position. •Come prepared with 3 to 5 meaningful questions for your interviewers. Questions demonstrate your level of understanding, your interests and your passions—and help you learn about the company. So don’t hold back.

•Interviewing can be intense both physically and mentally. To be at your best on interview day, make sure you are well-rested. •Dress comfortably. We’re interested in you, not what you wear.

•Relax and be yourself. It’s easier said than done, but we want to meet the real you.

•We’re interested in how your mind works. Be ready to show your thinking and explain how you came up with a solution to a technical issue, design question, or problem-solving puzzle.

•Remember, your interview is an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. Ask questions. Listen. Learn.

Source FROM Microsoft


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