Resume Tips Secret Uncovered By An Employer

We know you’ve honed your resume to a fine polish. Still, these tips may just provide the extra assistance you need to put your best foot forward.
•Summarize your relevant education, experience, and projects. Skip the things that are outdated or irrelevant.
•Highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs or projects, not just your duties or responsibilities. Everyone has job duties; it’s how you approached them and what you accomplished in carrying them out that makes you stand out.
•Show progression. Whether it’s in school, leadership roles or your work, highlight how your experience has helped you grow.
•Talk about related extracurricular or volunteer work. Just because you weren’t paid for it, that doesn’t mean it’s not important!
•Include links to projects you’ve worked on. This gives the recruiter a better idea of how you put your skills into practice.
•It’s okay to use more than one page. That said, be sure your summaries are succinct and relevant—and your most important information appears on the first page.
•Make sure your resume and contact information is completely up-to-date. To be safe, also include non-school contact info so we can reach you on breaks or after graduation.
•Be honest. Paint the best possible picture of yourself, but don’t exaggerate. And proofread for typos and errors—more than once!
•Use our resume builder. If you’re still a little unsure what you should include—and what to leave out—get it right with our resume builder, which you can access once you begin the application process. This tool will help you build a solid resume, step-by-step.

Sourced from microsoft career site


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