Self Improvement

Discover Your Talent.

Talent is a natural ability you are born with to excel at a duty or action. Natural endowment and ability to achieve a goal without a permanent obstacle or difficulty. Talent is different from skill. Skill is a learned power of doing something competently, a developed aptitude or ability. Though, you need to involve skill for your talent to be exceptional. But because it is endowed In you, learning the required skills will be a fun.

The following will be helpful in discovering your talent:

First of all, if you think you do not have a talent, list all that you do, all you think you could do and all you think are difficult for you to do. Sort the list, best in a tabular form. I bet you, it will be clear and reveal to you that you could do a lot more than you expected.

Achieve Your Dream

Everyone on this planet has his/her dream either disclosed or kept within himself. Some are willing to say it while some are not. For your dream to be successful, you must be thinking about what the future will look like, forget the past failures and concentrate on the present. You should know that the future and the past are not similar to the Present rather are tools for building the future, and how do I mean? The past failure has its own hidden treasure used for correcting the present and the correction made in the present reshapes the future. You are strongly advised to concentrate on the Present and only use the past as a point of correction if you have tried and failed ones or more, the past tells you more ways you should not go about it, to make it .

You Are The Giant, Not Your Problems!

Avery problem in man’s life is a giant. A giant can be a failure in your business, in your career; it can be a demotion, sack from work, can be a delay in marital issues and so on. A giant is simply something that is higher than you in size, potential and strength. If it is not in your favour, then it becomes a problem and in other words, a giant. But you should realise that it is not a giant until you accept it to be one. It becomes a ‘giant’ problem when you believe that there are no more way out, also, it becomes a problem the moment you decide not to find a solution from anywhere and decide to keep it to yourself.

You can subdue your problems the moment you believe they are not problems. Note that having difficult times are not the problem but inability to think in the positive direction to tackle it is the major problem. The positive thought one has towards a problem solving is already a 50% solution to the problem.

Have a Positive Effect This New Year

Let us Affect Others This Season

What does Christmas season mean to you. Is it a season to be happy, sing and do a lot of other things within your family and those who has affect your life positively alone?  Everyone knows that it is a season to love, enjoy with colleagues. A season to look back and measure our achievement. A season to say ‘thank you’ to those who support us spiritually, physically, financially and a season to appreciate people after appreciating God first.



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